I know not all of us love going to the gym. For some people, it is literally the last thing that want to do. We would rather sleep in and get an extra hour of sleep before work or, after a long day of work we would rather go home and relax. I GET IT... There are so many things that we have to get done in one day, so prioritizing our health will continuously be put on the back burner...Now is your health important to you? Of course right, then why isn't it one of the first things we prioritize? Without our health what do we have? A career? Sure. More money? Maybe. A bigger house? Perhaps. More friends to go to a happy hour with? potentially. More TV/relaxing time? Cool, those things are great... But those things won't keep you ALIVE. I feel like I have bored you enough now. Let's move on 😉

So when you do actually make the time for some physical activity it's a struggle at first, right? The next day you are so sore you can barely move and you think to yourself.. "I got to do that shit all over again today?"  Yea, but what about that endorphin high though? That feeling when you are probably breathing heavy, dripping sweat, and feel like you may just pass out? You get that euphoric feeling, that triggered a positive body feeling, while you're working out your body feels less pain and you just feel enhanced happiness... That shit is REAL! That feeling is addicting... it's endorphins.. "and endorphins make you happy!" -Elle Woods

And that high is so fucking phenomenal - not just because you feel accomplished but because you are doing the BEST thing you could do for your future self.. focusing on your health and well-being.

No one can make you do it, no one can make you love it, or make you realize the importance of it... You have to figure that out for yourself! Once you do, I promise you, you'll think to yourself.. DAMN why have I procrastinated so long? 

We all have a fear of something, and a lot of us have the fear of being uncomfortable and, it's hard to admit. We don't like to show off the flaws we only want to show off that shiny side of ourselves. Which makes you stop yourself from actually pushing yourself into doing something amazing.. and in turn leaves you being mediocre, sad, and tired 🥺 I don't want that for you! 

Go be fearless. Stop holding yourself back from going to that workout class because you think someone will judge you (NEWS FLASH, who the Fuck cares what that judgy Judy is thinking about ***sorry to everyone named Judy) or stopping yourself from making those healthy life habits because you doubt yourself. All that is, is FEAR talking to you. Don't listen to that BS, listening to that small voice inside of you (my inner voice sounds like Elle Woods 😂) saying "hey, we can do better. Why don't we at least try?"

To end this rant I call a blog, just be true to you. You know that every workout that you do will NEVER be regretting or that salad you eat doesn't have to be boring and sad. It will make your life better.. IN A VERY SMALL WAY. But every small step creates big leaps for your future self 🥰 Love you, my ThickFit babes!!