First off welcome, I don't know what brought you to this blog but I am glad you are here. Maybe you really want my opinion or you are in need of information to help you navigate your fitness journey - either way, let's talk!!

A little info about your girl 👱🏻‍♀️

Now, like many women out there I have struggled with body image issues, eating disorders, and having a very unhealthy relationship with working out. I became a Personal Trainer and Certified Nutritionist at 18 years old because I HATED my body and I thought to myself💭 ..hey if I know how to work out properly and eat healthily I will finally have the body I have always wanted!! Shocker.. that did not happen.

I got into Bikini Bodybuilding Competition at 19 years old and became addicted! My life was about what I ate when I ate it, and whenever I was not eating I was thinking about my next meal OR on the Stairmaster. I did cardio every day for at least an hour and lifted weights daily for at least 2 hours. Don't get me wrong - it worked! I got the body I thought I wanted, straight up "body goals" but it only lasted for a few days or maybe a week at best. Restricting and working out like crazy caused me to have a binge eating disorder.. it seemed normal at that time. That was just the Body Building world! You eat chicken, broccoli, and brown rice for 8 to 18 weeks, then after getting on stage in your bikini you stuff your face with donuts, french fries, and ice cream. My weight would fluctuate 10-30 pounds on and off-season.. and this unhealthy cycle repeated itself for years. 

This process was so exhausting, frustrating, and developed physical and mental health problems that took years to heal from. When I was looking for guidance, any information, or just someone that I could relate too who was talking about the same things I was going through - I found nothing. The fitness world wasn't talking about how over restricting your calories will actually make you gain weight in the long term. Or how if your bodyfat fluctuates too high to too low in a short amount of time it will cause issues like imbalances with your hormones. This experience opened my eyes to the flawed information that is found or lack of information not found out there in the health and fitness world. Almost 10 years later I can honestly say I am grateful for the struggles I faced throughout this journey, because of these challenges, ThickFit was born. 

What ThickFit is to me & more importantly to US! 

We have all been through something in life that has made us feel like we aren't skinny enough, we aren't fit enough, or just, in general, we aren't enough period... and that is complete and utter Bullshit! You are fucking AMAZING! I don't care about your shape, your height, your weight - doesn't matter - you are pure gold baby! Now, I am not saying this to pet your ego and make you like me, I don't care if I am popular or liked by many. My goal has always been to help people and if I only help one person I have done my job! ThickFit was created because that was just how I described myself, to be honest with you. I am kind of athletic but I am also kinda curvy. Some days I am feelin' myself and I eat my veggies and crush my workouts. Other days I eat pizza and go on leisurely walks. We have all heard it - its called balance and it's a beautiful thing💙

That is ThickFit - its balance. The balance between I embrace and love my curves, and I want to continuously strive to be healthier, happier, and stronger. To even I love and embrace my flat ass, and I want to continuously strive to crush my squats and eat my protein - it goes both ways. As women - big, small, tall, short, we all have wanted to change something about our bodies.. and that is fine, BUT don't let that one thing get in the way of LIFE! Your body shouldn't be the most interesting thing about you - take care of your body by exercising, eating foods that make you feel fucking amazing, and obviously hygiene ya'll! But also take care of your mind baby girl - love yourself, treat yourself, and nourish your soul. 

Life is beautiful and so are YOU! ThickFit is here for you as a community, as a tool, and as a guide to help embrace your curves while striving to be healthier, happier, and stronger each and every day!

 Cheers to The Movement that CREATED the CURVE!